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General Appearance
The face should wear a keen, sharp, and active expression. both head and tail should be carried well up. The dog should look very compact, well muscled and powerful, giving the impression of immense power in a small size.


They are a two-coated breed, with a harsh top coat and a downy under coat. Although Scotties do not shed their coat as many other breeds do, this coat does require a good brushing weekly to remove any dead undercoat or debris caught in the furnishings (the skirt,etc.) or any part of the body. Unless this is done, the dog can be quite uncomfortable when moving about.



Scottish Terriers can come in a variety of coat colours, with varying shades of black, brindle, or wheaten. Scotties do not come in the colour white, although a wheaten colour can be very light. 

The dog that is most confused with the Scottie is the West Highland White Terrier which is a different breed and only comes in the white colour.


Equal consideration must be given to height, length of back and weight. Height at shoulder for either sex should be about 10 inches (25cm). Generally, a well-balanced Scottish Terrier dog of correct size should weigh from 19-22 lb. (9-10kg), and a Bitch, from 18-21 lb. (8-9.5kg). The principal objective must be symmetry and balance.


Standard for the Scottish Terrier
This standard is used by Scottish Terrier breeders and judges in Canada.


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